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Sirius Star BG Ltd is a Bulgarian company, working in the sphere of managing hazardous and non hazardous waste and ecological services. The company is a leader in accepting and managing:

-hazardous waste like expired pesticides, agrochemical substances, cyanide, chemicals and organic peroxides
-sludge, containing hazardous substances, petrol waste etc.;

We have agreements with Bulgarian and foreign companies for recycling, utilization or destruction of the waste in special installations.

The company works in other directions like services in the heavy industry, ship building and ship repairing, building and repairing works and managing hazardous waste.

Over 18 years we do services in the petrol, chemical, ship building and ship repairing industry – cleaning and sandblasting of tanks, ships, tankers, tubing, loading and unloading terminals, refineries, polluted facilities and warehouses. The company has all the needed permits for activities with hazardous and non hazardous wastes, valid on the territory of Bulgaria.

We have storehouses, vehicles and a team of managers, specialists, including ADR/RID/IMDG Code/IATA DGR, traders and brokers of hazardous waste, agrochemicals and pesticides, technologist, mobile laboratory and everything needed for the activities. The company is registered as a Trader and Broker of waste in the Executive Environment Agency.

Sirius Star BG Ltd is a social engaged company with different types of activities, helping, donating, including for Unicef Bulgaria with monthly contributions, sponsorships etc.

We at Sirius Star BG Ltd declare that we are considered for the ecology as a whole and we do not assume contamination of the environment. We are a team of specialists, which have the ambition to introduce new clear rules in the management of hazardous waste as we provide their tracking when accepted and transported, also their reliable and safe storage, pre-packing, distribution and subsequent treatment. We guarantee with our experience and professionalism, that the disposal, recycling, utilization or destruction of the hazardous waste is safe for the humans and the nature. With the commitment of this activity we are aware of the responsibility.