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  SIRIUS STAR BG EOOD has authorized permit to work with wastes and REGISTERING DOCUMENT for transporting litter and receives in their storage for keeping them safe for future operations like disposal, destruction, utilization and recycling for proper installations around the country and abroad all the dangerous wastes from the index with wastes given with decision № 3 from 01.04.2004 belonging to Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria and Ministry of Health except wastes who can explode or body parts.
Accept HAZARDOUS WASTE from across the country by companies, factories, industrial facilities, cooperatives, municipalities, town halls, hospitals, laboratories, ships, tankers, ports and others.
  Activities with dangerous wastes:

Acceptance of hazardous waste in specialized warehouses for storage and subsequent operations of all hazardous waste classification of the Ministry and the Ministry of Health, with the exception of explosive materials and body parts.
Collection, loading and transportation of hazardous waste across the country.
Export of hazardous waste abroad for disposal, recovery, disposal or recycling.
Cleaning and handling of hazardous waste in containers, vehicles, tanks, tankers, ships
Sorting, repacking, encapsulation, storage, or disposal for storage of hazardous waste, including the territory of the contracting authority.
Cleanup of contaminated sites and land.
Consultations on the formation, storage, cleaning or treatment of hazardous waste.


- Sirius Star BG signs annual contracts with their customers for regular and timely acceptance of hazardous waste. - For hazardous waste accepted by us are issued all the necessary supporting documents and accounting regulated by the Law on waste management 13.07.2012y. and its regulations and the VAT Act as contract identification document for hazardous waste - Appendix № 8 invoice, warehouse receipts. Movement of waste, its storage and subsequent operations such as mine, recovery, recycling or destruction can be traced at any time in the records of the Sirius Star BG or the register of the Regional Inspectorate.


You can make your request for admission or inquiry as hazardous waste through the online form: